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ASP FAQ Tutorials :: Databases :: Other Articles :: How do I handle BIT / BOOLEAN columns?

How do I handle BIT / BOOLEAN columns?

In Microsoft Access, you can say: 
SELECT columns FROM table WHERE boolColumn=TRUE 
-- or 
SELECT columns FROM table WHERE boolColumn=FALSE
Unfortunately, this doesn't work in SQL Server. The following can be used in SQL Server: 
SELECT columns FROM table WHERE bitColumn=1 
-- or 
SELECT columns FROM table WHERE bitColumn=0
However, this doesn't work in Access, since TRUE in Access is -1, not 1. Confused yet? :-) 
For cross-platform support, use the following queries: 
SELECT columns FROM table WHERE bitColumn<>0 
-- or 
SELECT columns FROM table WHERE bitColumn=0 
-- to update (Access will convert to -1): 
UPDATE table SET bitColumn=1 
UPDATE table SET bitColumn=0
Also, remember that if you're using checkboxes to update / insert / display data, you have to convert from "on" or "" to 1 or 0, and when retrieving you must change 1 or 0 (or true or false) to "checked"... for example, page1.asp: 
<form method=post action=page2.asp> 
<input type=checkbox name=bool> 
<input type=submit> 
And page2.asp: 
    bitValue = 0 
    bool = request.form("bool") 
    if bool = "on" then bitValue=1 
    sql = "UPDATE table SET bitColumn=" & bitValue 
    ' ... 
And page3.asp: 
    set conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") 
    conn.open "<connection string>" 
    set rs = conn.execute("SELECT bitColumn FROM table") 
    bitValue = rs(0) 
    if bitValue then ch=" CHECKED" 
    ' or you could say if bitValue<>0 then ch=" CHECKED" 
<form method=post action=page2.asp> 
<input type=checkbox name=bool <%=checked%>> 
<input type=submit> 

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