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ASP FAQ Tutorials :: Databases :: General SQL Server & Access Articles :: How do I convert columns of values into a single list?

How do I convert columns of values into a single list?

In Article #2248, we discussed a method for converting a comma-separated list (e.g. from a set of checkboxes, or a multi-select list) into a column of values. What about the other way around? You could do it from ASP easily enough, as follows: 
    ' assuming valid connection object 'conn' 
    Set rs = conn.execute("SELECT value FROM table") 
    if not rs.eof then 
        Do while not rs.eof 
            list = list & rs(0) & "," 
        Response.Write left(list,len(list)-1) 
    end if 
However, what if you wanted to do this totally within the confines of the database (e.g. called from another stored procedure)? You could use the following method, however before proceeding you should read this note from UJ, as well as KB #287515
DECLARE @list VARCHAR(8000)  
SET @delm = ',' 
CREATE TABLE #TableToList (value INT)  
INSERT #TableToList VALUES (14)  
INSERT #TableToList VALUES (8)  
INSERT #TableToList VALUES (12)  
INSERT #TableToList VALUES (7)  
SELECT @list = ISNULL(  
        @list + @delm + CAST(value AS VARCHAR(8000)),  
        CAST(value AS VARCHAR(8000))  
    FROM #TableToList  
    ORDER BY value  
DROP TABLE #TableToList  
SELECT list = @list

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