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ASP FAQ Tutorials :: Databases :: General SQL Server & Access Articles :: Apostrophes in SQL

How do I deal with an apostrophe (') in a SQL statement?

Easily one of the most frequently-asked questions in ASP and database-related forums. 
The apostrophe is an illegal character in T-SQL because it is interpreted as a string delimiter. To allow a ' mark to be inserted into a database, simply double-up all occurences of the ' mark: 
    criteria = Replace(criteria,"'","''") 
So to generate SQL queries: 
    mycrit = Replace(mycrit,"'","''") 
    Response.Write("INSERT table VALUES('" & mycrit & "')<p>") 
    Response.Write("SELECT column FROM table WHERE column LIKE '%" & mycrit & "%'<p>") 
In JScript, you could use the Replace() method also, however it behaves differently than in VBScript. Each call to .Replace() only affects the *first* instance it comes across. You can use RegExp to remind JScript to replace globally: 
<script language=jscript runat=server> 
    var myCrit = "bob's bait and tackle"; 
    var q = /\'/g; // regexp apostrophe, global 
    myCrit = myCrit.replace(q, "''"); 
    Response.Write("INSERT table VALUES('" + myCrit + "')<P>"); 
    Response.Write("SELECT column FROM table WHERE column LIKE '%" + myCrit + "%'<P>"); 

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